What is HAIR ETC.?

HAIR ETC. is an innovative, social and educational institution that focuses on HAIR and the ever expanding Hair and Beauty Industry.

The affix ‘ETC.’ in our name, shows the versatility and diversity we have in our approach

HAIR ETC. Studio

Our Studio is made to reflect our creativity, philosophy and values.

It is a 250sq.m Open Plan, Semi Basement and it is located in one of Nicosia’s commercial streets – Themistokli Dervi.

Although invisible to the passing consumer,HAIR ETC. Studio has it’s own door, locatedon the pavement side of a luxurious, classic building “THE CITY HOUSE”. Inside of it is a state of the art industrial space with an indoor garden -its purpose to provide its guests with a private environment that will help them to disconnect from their everydayness

What makes us different?

Foremost we are creatives.

We work with people on a daily basis making sure their image and well-being is kept at its best. We don’t just do hair. Our focus is the person. We provide solutions that affect their daily mood and life.

We value people and we work to build a relationship with them – whether it’s a client, a student or a co-worker. In our interactions with people, we always take into consideration human values and emotions.

We strive to exceed the normal expectations.